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  • so where can a person watch Free! ?

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    July 3, 2013

    1 year ago

  • knockingghosts:

    Wow, I didn’t think this would get past a few dozen notes. Awesome, you all still have almost two weeks—remember deadline is June 13th. Cause 13 is creepy and so is my art!


    I’m giving away a full set of three Knockingghosts merchandise stickers!

    I’m moving in the next few days and after going through a lot of art that I have I realized I only one sticker in stock for both the Casper sticker and the 2x2” dead doe logo. Instead of selling them on my Etsy, I’d like to give them away to one of the great people who follow me here on tumblr.

    The prize is one high quality matte with white gloss finish 2x2” dead doe logo, one 3x3” dead doe logo, and one total matte full color Casper sticker.

    All stickers can be applied to any smooth flat dry surface such as glass, metal, or plastic. Perfect to show your Knockingghosts support on laptops, binders, notebooks, sketchbooks, and just about anywhere else. Easily removable, with no sticky residue and definitely will not damage surfaces. Due note thought they are not waterproof or recommended to be put on 100% outdoor surfaces. All will be mailed to you totally free of charge, with a personal sketch/card from me.

    Now, we need a few rules! Reblogs only, and as many reblogs as you want (likes don’t count, sorry!). The giveaway will ends on June 13th—which is almost two weeks away. Winners will be decided by giving each entry a number and using a random number generator to pick the one grand prize winner.

    I can mail to anywhere in the world, from the US to Japan and everywhere inbetween.

    Now I don’t think there will be too many reblogs, so if contests aren’t your thing and you want a surefire way to acquire a sticker head over to my Etsy shop where there are many 3x3” dead doe logo stickers for sale for only $5 (or you can even get a original print of my other work).

    Good luck!

    -S. Mash

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    June 1, 2012

    2 years ago

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