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    Thor Movie - God of Mischief

    Avengers Movie - God of Sexual Frustration for fangirls

    [totally AU please]

    As much as you are wary of permanence, the change wrought in your older self by Time is something that you would have been glad not to see. His gaze is dark and knowing, and the smirk he gives you (that you give yourself?) is heavy with meaning that you are not sure you wish to understand.

    “You think he is your brother?” he snarls, eyes flashing. For all his rage, you can still taste the bitter spite he tries to hide.

    “And why would I have cause to think otherwise?” you reply, and you have no idea of how you break him with that sentence, except you do. In all your shapes you are just Loki, you are just the shadow to Thor’s golden light, and though there are days you cannot look at him for the sheer hatred he inspires there are also days when you are helpless with loving him. No, you think, we are not yet so different.

    “Was I ever such a fool?” he spits, stalking closer. “Do you even-“

    “Do I.. what?” You cannot help the itch of curiosity in your throat.

    “You don’t know. You don’t know what you are,” his lip curls, and he catches your wrist. Where he touches, your skin trembles with cold.

    “Remember what I have said, Laufeyson.” He presses something hard into your palm before vanishing in a twist of green smoke.

    Long minutes pass before you can put his last words to the back of your mind and look at what he has given you. It is a deep green emerald, tinted blue at the edges, and the doubt curling in your stomach burns like acid.


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    May 17, 2012

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